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CCTV Installations

Our installations use the latest CCTV technology

Providing clearer images and internet streaming

 We can also offer cloud-based CCTV systems

Security Systems

Wide range of quality systems

No fuss professional installation

Full training and support

Range of monitoring options to suit your needs

Security Camera Installation

Best camera systems available

Affordable and efficient

Will be adapted to your needs

User-friendly mobile off-site options available

Burglary Alarm Systems

Wide range of quality systems

No fuss professional installation

Full training and support

Range of monitoring options to suit your needs

Home Security to Protect Your Loved Ones

Top Quality

Top quality state-of-the-art security camera systems backed by dedicated staff with the experience and expertise to recommend, design, install and service precisely the right home security products to suit your needs.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to protecting your property, possessions and, most importantly, your loved ones, contact Qualtech Security for personalised service and extremely competitive prices and peace of mind.

Offsite Monitoring

Whether you want to access your cameras from your mobile device, or you want an external company to keep an eye on your premises, we can tailor your system to suit your lifestyle needs.

CCTV Camera Installations For Your Home Or Workplace

CCTV Installation - Security Cameras

There’s no security system quite as efficient as a security camera system and Qualtech offer you some of the best camera surveillance systems on the market.

A visible deterrent, CCTV security cameras stop burglars, vandals and other crims in their tracks. Once videoed, they can run but they can’t hide.

Our affordable and efficient surveillance cameras are extremely user-friendly and can be adapted precisely to your needs… you can even catch all the action on site, or on your mobile phone.

You can opt for high definition digital or analog security cameras, with features such as:

And once again, our professional staff have the expertise and experience to make all the right recommendations, including:

For absolute peace of mind, contact Qualtech Security today. We’ll be happy to help.

Security Alarm Systems

Of all the home security products Qualtech Security sell, by far the most popular are security alarms.

We offer you a wide range of top quality models, everything from hard-wired alarms for single-story homes, right up to wireless alarms suitable for high rise dwellings.

Whichever alarm you choose, you can further opt for the real-time support of fully monitored (round the clock) back-to-base monitoring, or you can do it yourself and have the alarm self-monitored on your smart phone (must have GSM protocols).

If you go with a hard-wired security alarm, it will be professionally installed and you will have your choice of 1, 2, or 3 Quad Detectors, plus:

It will also come complete with full training and support, and in the case of Bosch Security Alarms, a full 3-year Warranty…for even MORE peace of mind.

Regardless of which brand you choose, Qualtech will ensure that installation will happen quickly and with minimal fuss, and that your security system will be expertly set up and fine-tuned to operate as efficiently as possible… for many years to come.

For more information about security alarms please contact us today!

Security Maintenance & Servicing

Even the very best home security systems need to be repaired or adjusted from time to time to ensure optimum efficiency… and we make this service our number 1 priority.

Be it a repair to a security alarm for such components as the alarm unit, keypads and sensors, or an adjustment or upgrade to a home security monitoring system, Qualtech Security are at your service.

For example, you may be starting to get a few false alarms, or keypads might be sticking, or the sensors may be too sensitive for their application, or the alarm system may require reprogramming, call us on 1800 782 583 and we’ll fix the problem quick smart.

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