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Home security systems are designed to protect your home from thieves, burglars and intruders. With home burglaries on the rise worldwide, it’s essential to invest in a quality burglary alarm system.

A smart alarm system will provide you with protection and peace of mind while being flexible and easy to use. Home security systems are reasonable and easy to install.

In Brisbane, what kinds of home security systems are available?  

Modern indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems for home security are available in different colours, full movement and high resolution. 

The high-quality security cameras have night vision and adapt quickly to changing light conditions. 

Some allow remote monitoring and control from a mobile device or desktop computer, and their cost varies widely depending on factors such as equipment, contracts, monitoring and more.


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We install professional Home Security Systems so you always know what is happening inside and outside of your home.

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We design, install, monitor and maintain the right security system for you, meeting the highest professional standards.​

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Most Popular Security Alarm System

Of all the home security products Qualtech Security sell, by far the most popular are burglar security alarms.
We offer you a wide range of top-quality models. We install alarms for stand-alone homes, units and even hi-rise apartments.
Our clients come to us after the lower-cost systems that they installed themselves were not effective.

With Qualtech Security, We Can Install A Complete Security System for Your Home

Protect All Aspects Of Your Brisbane Home with the right Security Systems

Security systems protect not only assets but also lives. A complete security solution is much more than just putting a few sensors in your home. It can provide the following:

What Features Does A Basic Home Security System Offer?

Home security systems are provided with many features, but the basic features alone might meet your needs. A basic setup includes magnetic sensors for all vulnerable entrances and one or more infrared sensors to detect movement inside the home. These sensors have a link to a control panel that includes a loud siren and a connection to a monitoring company that can dispatch emergency services.

In addition, several reputable security companies offer key fob remote controls in their basic kits. The remote control features buttons for activating, deactivating, and alerting emergency personnel. Mobile apps for controlling and monitoring security systems are also available.

Protect Your Brisbane Home with our Smart Security Systems