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Home security systems are designed to protect your home from thieves, burglars and intruders.
With home burglaries on the rise worldwide, it’s essential to invest in a quality security system. A smart alarm system will provide you with protection and peace of mind while being flexible and easy to use.
Home security systems are reasonable and easy to install.

In this blog article, we cover some common questions asked about home security systems and monitoring plans from Brisbane residents.

What features does a basic home security system offer?

Home security systems are provided with many features, but the basic features alone might meet your needs. A basic setup includes magnetic sensors for all vulnerable entrances and one or more infrared sensors to detect movement inside the home. These sensors have a link to a control panel that includes a loud siren and a connection to a monitoring company that can dispatch emergency services.

In addition, several reputable security companies offer key fob remote controls in their basic kits. The remote control features buttons for activating, deactivating, and alerting emergency personnel. Mobile apps for controlling and monitoring security systems are also available.

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Do you think home security systems are a good investment for people living in Brisbane?

Yes, it is definitely worth investing in security systems for Brisbane residents. The main reasons why you should get a reliable home security system are as follows: 


The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Crime and Safety Latest Survey found that 5.4% of households were victims of burglary attempts. In comparison, 18% of robberies occurred in the home, and 31% of assaults occurred.  

Still, do you think you want to delay your home security system installation?


Security systems protect not only assets but also lives. A complete security solution is much more than just putting a few sensors in your home. It can provide the following:

Do you have any recommendations for an easy-to-carry advanced security system that can be used in emergencies?

Yes, there are now quite a few advanced security systems on the market that are easy to use and not easily seen. 

Advanced security system combines the basic components as described above with additional crime-deterrent equipment. 

Examples of simple add-on equipment include glass break sensors, panic buttons for walls, and a panic pendant worn around the neck. They are easy to wear and discreet.
Panic pendants have proved to be rescuers in both medical emergencies and home burglaries.

Door locks with key codes and smartphone remotes also have advanced security features. Real estate agents and residents who have frequent visitors, such as healthcare providers, dog walkers and babysitters, are particularly fond of these.

Surveillance or security camera installation adds another layer of home security. They don’t need to be carried but are installed in control panels to capture still images or video, and of course, cameras can be placed inside the home and outdoors. A particular type of doorbell security camera sends mobile notifications when the doorbell rings and allows you to view the surveillance footage via your smartphone. You can talk to the visitor and give the impression that you are actually home.

In Brisbane, what kinds of home security systems are available?  

Modern indoor and outdoor video surveillance systems for home security are available in different colours, full movement and high resolution. 

High-quality security cameras have night vision and adapt quickly to changing light conditions. 

Some allow remote monitoring and control from a mobile device or desktop computer, and their cost varies widely depending on factors such as equipment, contracts, monitoring and more.

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor security cameras?

The key distinction between indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras is the quality of construction, as outdoor cameras must withstand harsher conditions. Some outdoor security cameras are equipped with heaters and fans to protect them from the elements. You can read more about CCTV cameras here.

Outdoor cameras also need to be more rugged, as they are particularly vulnerable to deactivation attempts by criminals. Some are housed in extra tamper-proof enclosures.

Which video surveillance camera should I use for my home? A fixed one or a movable one?

When choosing a video surveillance system, you can choose between fixed and movable cameras. In some cases, a static or fixed camera makes the most sense. However, dome cameras are recommended when a moving camera is most appropriate because they make it harder to avoid view. In addition, a dome camera can cover a 360-degree area but makes it impossible for onlookers to see where the lens is pointed.

Will my pet set off the motion detector?

Home security systems can function efficiently even if pets live in your home. Firstly, a typical motion detector will not detect cats, dogs or anyone weighing less than 40 pounds. (Sensors with different weight settings are also available). Secondly, recent home security technology can tell the difference between human and animal motions. The speed and motion patterns are taken into account along with mass to ensure pets don’t trigger a false alarm.

What kind of protection do home security systems provide against fire and flood?

Some home security systems not only protect against intruders but also protect against environmental disasters by detecting heat, smoke and moisture. Alarms and text message alerts can help prevent or minimize damage from fire and water.

What should I choose? Hardwired or wireless security system for my home? 

Hardwired and wireless security systems each have their own pros and cons.

A hardwired system may be the most reliable, but there is a risk of cutting the wires. Hardwired systems also require more labour to install.

Wireless systems can be used in more locations and can be set up in less than 30 minutes without the assistance of a technician. They are also mobile; you can transport a wireless system from one property to another. The radio signals used by wireless security systems are stronger than cell phones, but poor signal and electromagnetic interference are still possible.

Do wireless security systems work during power outages at home?

Some wireless security systems can work even during power breakage. It depends on how the security system and the monitoring centre communicate. If internet or VoIP is used, the alarm system will lose connection in case of internet failure. If cellular is used, your alarm system can maintain communication even if the power goes out and you don’t have internet access.

What if a criminal destroys the control panel?

Many alarm control panels are designed to protect against tampering. Some security companies call this feature “crash and smash” protection. If an intruder tries to disable the security measures by damaging the control panel, the control panel will alert the monitoring company, which will dispatch emergency personnel. 

Do I need to apply for a security system installer license?

Yes, you must apply. By law, anyone who engages in the sale, installation, servicing, repair or maintenance of security equipment must hold a Class 2C security license from the Queensland Government. 

Once you have the license, you must comply with a number of legal requirements. You will be prosecuted for breaches of the regulations. 

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